TAMEER is a strong believer in creating functional and communal home living, that is why AZAD was designed to offer its residents a comprehensive home, that extends beyond the walls of one’s apartment. Life in AZAD was envisioned first and around it, the design was created. The residential buildings are on the peripheries of the compound, forming an almost perfect rectangle, overlooking the park and the facilities. At the heart of the compound is a central park and at the southeast corner lies the business lounge, inside the business lounge you can find community center, administrative building with administrative offices and retail shop. This business lounge is meant to be the backbone of AZAD, attracting everybody to enjoy activities together and forge a neighborly bond.

AZAD covers approximately 55 Acres & hosts around 1,700 diversified units, green spaces, and an array of amenities including a community center and a pool. Since delivery began in Phase 1 in 2020, 500 units has been completed.