Our Promise

TAMEER is a company that has a Soul, and a Passion for People that was passed down through generations of staff and customers, decade after decade, project after project. This is our Heritage. This is our Identity…
Beyond state of the art architecture and landscaping, our promise for AZAD is to create a community that has a soul. A community of people who share the same values and enjoy life together. A community where neighbors become best friends, where children make memories for life within a friendly and elegant environment.
Built Around People Is not an empty slogan. It is a promise that is made by us all at TAMEER, to our valuable customers. Together, we have designed AZAD around people, keeping our customers in mind at every step and in every detail. We are all creative, passionate, and dedicated to making the AZAD Community real, human, vibrant, and sustainable

Antoine El Khoury
Managing Director


Close to everything, the AZAD Community is one of the most central and accessible hubs New Cairo, a brief fifteen-minute drive from Cairo International Airport and ten minutes from Downtown New Cairo. With the American University of Cairo and Point 90 right next door, urban living bustles right at your front door, so work, shop, explore, enjoy it!

A timeless Architecture

“I had a vision of clearly defined lines, large expansive spaces, and strong structures. Classic and noble materials, sustainability above all.”

Sherif Zewar

AZAD is living space designed around you
The modern life style you lead

Space for life

“We envisioned a landscape that is both beautiful and functional. Vast green spaces where life can be shared and enjoyed by the community as a whole, and a versatile, natural environment where every lifestyle has its place:

Tranquility zones, with secluded spots for meditation and yoga. Family zones, where birthdays and holidays and game nights can be celebrated. Activity zones for the youth and their hobbies: basketball, tennis, football courts. And of course, the children’s zones, with playgrounds and educational fun in a safe and healthy environment.”

Mona Hussein

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Overloaded area

Construction Process